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Our ministry produces promotion videos for Assembly of God missionaries around the world.
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Our Latest Totals
Cameroon, Central Africa
Mac & National Pastor's Daughter
Community Meal
David Schmidt & Construction Team
Barb at Church Well
Barb & Pastor's Wives
Nicaragua Church
Barb Getting Well Water
THANKS SO MUCH for all your work, and the blessing we received again by connecting with you two! SO many people comment on the video...saying it's so professional, heartfelt, and well done! All that is thanks to YOU and the way you allow GOD to work through you both! - Wanda S.
... and the folks clapped at the end. BRAVO JESUS, and thank you for Mac and Barbara who make this kind of visual possible for us. - Mark D.
...sent our newsletter with the video link to some top missions churches and one church responded and said they would give $20,000 for tabs.[tabernacles] - Carol S.
...we were at a large church in Kansas City and during the video the pastor leaned over to us to ask,"Who did you use to produce your video?" He was definitely impressed with your work (and he has seen a lot of videos); we told him about your ministry...thanks for making us look good. Your quality work gets noticed. - Jim L.
...the videos you made for us, the promo and the jail visit, are a hit! They open doors!...and i've been filling my calendar with appointments with NEW GUYS, never met before, but [who saw] the small clip that opens up right there on their email page...is a big OPEN DOOR. - Mark D.
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